关于手机的话题,杏彩一般把它归类为科技的话题。今天这个话题还是手机对人们生活的影响,主要是负面的影响。你需要禁止使用手机吗?这样的题目会用到很多例子。我列出了一些需要禁止手机的地方。例如,医院可能会干扰医生的手术 (do surgery), 例如,乘飞机可能危及航空安全 (pose a threat to flight safety), 例如,学校可能会干扰学生的学习。这些都是比较容易思考的材料。

雅思写作题目: 手机不应该被禁止

The use of mobile phone is as anti-social as smoking. Since smoking is banned in certain places, using mobile phone should be banned as well. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


这个试题应该比较简单。第一,题目 (手机使用) 本身对考生来说并不难,也不熟悉。此外,视图应该很容易绘制。每件事都有利弊。科技运用的主动权一直掌握在人们手中。人们不能浪费食物。小型智能手机等科技产品只是工具。它们是否能给人类带来好处,取决于人们如何使用它们。



body1: 承认缺点



body2: 好处

1: 但是手机对现代人日常生活的重要性是不可否认的。手机的主要通话功能还是人们所需要的。确保有手机的人可以随时联系。与传统的邮件或信件相比,手机通话方便快捷。

2. 新一代手机增加了新的功能,丰富了人们的生活。比如,智能手机有拍摄记录的功能,让人们可以随时随地记录身边有趣的事情。与电脑等其他科技设备相比,手机体积轻、携带方便,人们更倾向于在手机上使用社交功能来满足自己的社交需求。另外,手机开启支付功能,通过手机即可轻松完成日常水电燃气支付和网上购物。

Conclusion: 吸烟对吸烟者及其周围的人是有害的,但如果合理使用手机,可以给现代人快节奏的生活带来更多的便利。所以我个人认为禁止手机是没有必要的,但是提倡正确文明的使用手机是有必要的。

雅思写作模式: 手机不应该被禁止 (科技话题)

Mobile phones are very popular among modern people as they greatly facilitate their daily life. However some people think the wide use of mobile phones causes problems as well and theyshould be banned.

Advocates of this believe that like smoking which pollutes air, the use of mobile phones causes another kind of pollution, and that is noise. Inconsiderate use of them can be quite annoying. For example, loud conversations on mobile phones in public interrupt the pleasure of a quiet talk with friends. Besides, using mobile phones while driving can be a distraction for drivers and considered as a main contributor to road injuries. What is worse, excessive use of mobile phones can cause damage to people 's health. Particularly, too much exposure to the tiny screen can be detrimental to young children 's eyes.

However, the important role of mobile phones in modern life cannot be denied. First, for the majority of users, mobile phones provide them with easy and convenient communication that nothing else can offer. Compared with letters which take a couple of days or even weeks to reach the recipient, calls or short text messages via mobile phones enable users to stay connected with their social circles in a more efficient way.

Moreover, new phones with multi-functions are constantly pushed to the market due to the application of new technology and they add more color to the dull routine. For instance, smartphone users now can share interesting photos or their thoughts on a certain topic wherever they go. Also, convenience is important in modern life and the updated functions meet such need. New smartphones enable users to pay all kinds of bills or make shopping payments effortlessly, saving time for work or leisure. Unlike laptops or other advanced hi-tech devices, mobile phones are smaller, lighter and easier to carry, therefore they gain tremendous popularity among people who needs to travel frequently and keep in touch with outside world.

In conclusion, unlike smoking which is definitely harmful to smokers and the environment, mobile phones can benefit people if they are properly used. Therefore I do not think it is advisable to ban mobile phones, but guidelines about how to use them in a civilized way are essential.


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Mobile phones have changed our lifestyle forever, but not all the changes are for the best. Discuss the pros and cons of owning a mobile phone.

These days, mobile phones are becoming useful and our lifestyle has changed a lot. In my opinion, though it is true that mobile phones changed our life, but risks are still survived so that we cannot ignore.

Firstly, with the help of the mobile phone, people can keep in touch with their closest friends and relatives at any time, that will comfort people a lot than writing letters in the old time. Moreover, we can get to know and tell the others about the latest news throughcalling others up, this can make the information wildspread among people easily.

Secondly, with the development of the mobile phones, people can even surf the Internet, listen to music or even chat with friends on QQ throughout the phone, this is a great progress in morden technology because mobile phones are no longer being made for phone conversations and receving messages.

However, as for mobile phone owners, using them too much may do harm to their health, for instance, hanging the phone on your neck will cause damage to the heart. Also, soils can be polluted by batteries if we cannot deal with them correctly.

To sum up, mobile phones do have advantages in morden society, but we have to use them correctly or it will cause great damage to our health.


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雅思听力 Libao 包含了根据历年真实雅思考试规范和要求编写的听力练习,这些练习以最方便的方式呈现。无论你是在中午休息和上课的路上,只需要花 5 分钟就可以完成一次。 10 道题的练习。这一切都可以在没有纸和笔甚至没有和平环境的情况下在手机上完成。经常使用雅思听力练习,可以大大提高你的听力能力。雅思听力利宝: 功能和特点包括: 短录音,每个问题 10-30 秒,只有关键信息独特的录音回放速度调节功能 (不改变音质和音调) 完全遵循真实问题的要求和格式 即时智能更正、记录错误和保存历史记录原始文本和答案查询功能高质量 opus 录制代码,音质堪比官方考试 包含最新剑 9 内容的团队包括来自 麦考瑞 和 麦考瑞 教育的雅思讲师,当然还有来自 kaoya 高级语言专家、计算机语言语音处理专家。在部分课程中,雅思听力利宝已经成为教学的最佳参考工具。只有有了这样的经验,雅思听力宝才能成为一种效果显著的学习工具。杏彩的团队正在开发更多的内容和相关的应用程序,请继续关注!


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