雅思考试书信作文创作 与网上购物有关,国外的网购网站上选购了愿意的商品,可是等接到以后发觉商品出現了难题,这种情况将会是运送中途造成的,也是将会是商品自身 品质不合格.但无论真么说,都很必须在短时间内给网上购物企业电子邮箱沟通交流详细情况,好让她们采用需有的对策.

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. 请花20分钟进行该项每日任务

You recently ordered a small item online but when it arrived it was damaged. 你近期在上外网选购了1个小商品,可是当商品运往的那时候发觉早已毁坏了.

Write a letter to the company that sold you the item. In your letter:写一封信给卖你商品的哪个企业.在信中:

  • give details about the order you made 得出实际你选购的订单信息关键点
  • explain what was wrong with the item 说明一下商品哪儿出了难题
  • tell the company what you want them to do about it 告知企业你要让她们如何做

You should write at least 150 words. 高于一百五十词
You do NOT need to write your own addresses. 无须写清晰你自身的详细地址


Dear Sir or Madam,


I am James Smith, a resident of Aurora, Illinois, have recently ordered a smartphone – Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, from your online shop. Unfortunately, when I unwrapped the phone, I found that the phone screen was broken and the stylus was missing. I am writing to notify you of the problem and to replace my product with a fresh one.

我就是勒布朗詹姆斯阿诗丹顿,是伊利诺伊州Aurora的群众,我近期在贵店铺选购了这款三星盖乐世Note Edge的是能手机上.可是感到遗憾,当你开启手机包装的那时候,我发现了手机屏早已碎没了,并且触笔也遗失了.我写这封信是想对你说这一难题,而且想拆换1个新的商品.

I placed the order on 15th May 2019 from my home and my invoice number is SAI-25478ASNE. I used my VISA credit card to pay for the order. This translation is from Laokaoya website. I was looking forward to receiving the phone and start using it but when the phone finally arrived two days later, it was not in the condition it should have been. The main screen was smashed, and I could not find the stylus in the box. This is quite unexpected and as a regular customer, I am disappointed with your service.


Please inform me how can I replace the phone, as the warranty covers it, and get a fresh one as early as possible? Should I visit one of your retail shops?


Thanks in advance for your cooperation and I would like you to take the necessary measure so that it does not repeat in the future.


Yours faithfully,


Joe Smith

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Nowadays, people perform their everyday tasks, such as banking, shopping as well as business transactions, without the need of meeting other people face to face. What are the possible effects of the phenomenon on the individual and the society as a whole? 如今许多人能够根据互联网做许多事儿,比如买东西和买卖,这针对本人和社会发展的危害是啥?




1. 利好消息的层面:给大家的买东西产生了便捷,具体来说,网上购物可摆脱自然地理的阻碍,节约了很多的時间,一起,网上购物质优价廉,挑选丰富多彩.

2. 不良影响的层面:针对女士顾客来讲,由于互联网货品质优价廉,因此,许多人到折扣期内推积货品,那样,惯性力消費反倒会提升财政负担.


1. 利好消息的层面:网上交易平台的出現在必须水平处理了学生就业,许多年青人能够网上开店挣钱,这类工作中方法時间灵便,

2. 不良影响的层面:互联网产品质量沒有确保,顾客非常容易购到仿货,经济发展损伤.形态的网络犯罪变成社会现象,比如,网上购物全过程中,许多犯罪分子散播病毒感染,盗取登陆密码,侵害隐私保护,不法牟取暴利.


1. The invention and popularity of the computer has profoundly revolutionized modern people’s option of consumption 互电子计算机的创造发明和普及化刻骨铭心地更改了大家的买东西挑选.

分析:revolutionize v巨大更改

2. On-line shopping has been boosting like the mushrooms after spring rains. 网上购物就好像如雨后春笋不断提高.

3. People have been debating the pros of cons of cyber business transaction without reaching any definite agreement. 大家在思索网上交易的优缺点,沒有达成协议.

4. In this essay,I will endeavor to examine the impacts brought about by this on-line business traction both on individual consumers and the society. 文中中,我将勤奋研究下网上交易产生的本人和社会发展危害.

分析:endeavor to do sth v 勤奋做……

5. The merits of on-line shopping and on-line business prevail over its possible demerits. 网上购物和网上交易的弊大于利.

分析:prevail over v 远高于

6. In comparison with the traditional shopping, the cyber shopping enjoys its unique advantages , which quite fit the young consumers’ taste. It is no necessary for consumers to take trouble to go outside, just click their mouse, the goods will be delivered to them. 和传统式的买东西对比,网上购物有其与众不同的优点,这更合乎年青顾客的口感.顾客不用出门,只需点一下一下下电脑鼠标,货品就会送至她们手上.

7. Many youngsters like to spend their hardly earned money on their favorite goods 很多年青人喜爱把艰辛挣到的钱用在她们喜爱的货品上.

8. Problems, however, inevitably ensue 殊不知,难题接踵而来.

分析:ensue v跟随产生

9. Excessive on-line consumption will impose much pressure upon some unwise consumers economically. 过多的互联网消費针对非理性行为顾客释放了经济发展工作压力.

10. Some young ladies are addicted to cyber consumption out of the reason of seizing the opportunities of discount 出自于把握住折扣的机遇的目地,好几年前女生网上购物成瘾.

11. Even worse,on-line consumption fraud has been agonizing many on-line shoppers 更为槽糕的是,免费在线的消費诈骗个人行为已经困惑许多免费在线店铺买家.

分析:agonize v使痛楚

12. It is highly possible that consumers might be fooled into buying fake or illegal products. 顾客极有可能被蒙骗选购虚报的不法的货品.

13. Many on-line advertisements are full of flowery phrases and empty promises 许多的在线广告填满了花里胡哨的宣传词及其裂缝的服务承诺.

14. Some law-breakers draw on the Internet to deliver the bait or disseminate virus in order to steal the password and reap fabulous profits illegally.某些犯罪分子运用互联网技术推送鱼饵,散播病毒感染,盗取登陆密码,不法牟取暴利.

分析:draw on the Internet v运用互联网技术

分析:reap fabulous profits illegally v不法牟取暴利

15. On-line business transaction is a two-edged weapon which can be used equally for good or evil. 网上交易是一柄双刃刀,有好有坏.

16. What is of the utmost importance is to make use of its merits and be careful about its demerits. 关键的是,人们要运用其利好消息及小心其缺点.

17. It is the duty of every consumer to raise the awareness of wise buying. 顾客应当提升理性消费观念.

18. The government should be urged to strengthen the censorship of on-line advertisement and severely penalize those illegal sellers. 政府部门应当被催促去提升针对互联网广告的核查,惩罚不法商家.

分析:The government should be urged to do sth 政府部门应当被催促去做……

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