Section 1

Section One 场景 题型
咨询健身卡 单选+填空+匹配

table completion 1-2)

Gym Membership card

Date of birth: 1.24 August 1979

Address: 20,2.Fox Lane, Surfers Paradise

Home line 33784150

multiple choices 3-4)

3 What is the reason for Jane choosing yearly payment option?

A. to save money

B. to get a free gift

C. to become fitter

4 What is Jane doing in July this year?

A. go on holiday

B. travelling on business

C. getting marries

matching 5-10)

A. She might be interested in the future

B. She is interested now

C. She is not interest at all

5 Group fitness session -C

6 General weight training -C

7 Group fitness in a pool -B

8 Swimming -A

9 Sauna -C

10 Child minding -A

Section 2

Section Two 场景 题型
介绍俱乐部相关活动 单选 + 匹配

multiple choice 11-15)

11 社会的 aim: a mind-like people

12 做了什么。last meeting do: finance plan

13 不再使用 school hall 的原因: 该选项具有 not available ; size ( 要调用的正确选项)

14 what social committee would like members to do ? 选项是: 让成员帮助组织活动; invite their friends and relatives to join in; 请成员帮助设计未来的事件 (需要召回的正确选项)

15 How to save money? 选项包括: 一年会员资格 (需召回的正确选项)

16-20) matching ( 新问题的内容仅供参考)

A. documentary .shown

B. non-members are welcomed

C. free snacks.

D. suitable clothing

E. donation of the money

F. chairs can be brought

G. transportation provided by the.

16 wild walk: 捐点钱

17 .(需要召回的正确选项)

18 观看鸟类

19 .(需要召回的正确选项)

20 state library

Section 3

Section Three 场景 题型
关于发动机设计课程的讨论 单选+填空

21-23) Multiple Choices

What following content did they decide to include in the assignment?

21 C some slides of the presentation PPT

22.E short group discussion

23 F some questions

24-30) Completion

24 woman said the assignment should focus on environmental issues

25 petrol usage will decline while using alternative energy

26 battery hydrogen

27 they need to consider room/space to store CO2

28 pay attention to safety regulations

29 disadvantages: it is too expensive

30 the design of engine should be included

Section 4

Section Four 场景 题型
Jomon (绳文:日本新石器时代文化) 填空题

31 Jomon 's booming population in Japan is from 10,000 BC (丁兴旺从公元 10,000 开始)

32 Jomon men entered Japan through a land bridge by hunting animals( 绳子文人从陆桥进入日本打猎)

33 Temperature rise leads to growth of forests and food( 气温升高导致森林和食物增加)

34 Jomon 's major food were plants, nuts and fish( 绳子文人的主要食物是植物、坚果和鱼)

35 Jomon men 's main form of weapon is arrows( 绳子学者的主要武器是箭)

36 Jomon people lived in the rounded building holding 50 people in southwest( 绳子文人住在西南的一座可以容纳 50 人的圆形建筑里)

37 Jomon men used pairs of stones to prepare food( 绳子文人用配对的石头准备食物)

38 In the Early and Middle Jomon period, the population grew rapidly( 在绳子的早期和中期,人口正在迅速增长)

39 In the end of the Jomon period,traditions of marriage ceremony were also recorded( 在绳子的末端,记录了婚礼仪式的传统)

40 Dominated crop in the final Jomon period was rice( 绳子末端的主要作物是水稻)

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Part 1


_ What do you know about paintings? _


I barely know anything about it. There are several kinds of paintings like oil painting and _ watercolour painting _,and that 's all I know.


watercolour painting: 短语; 水彩画

Eg: Watercolor painting is extremely old, dating perhaps to the cave paintings of paleolithic Europe.

_ Have you learned drawing before? _


I used to draw some comics and sketches, but I 've never learned drawing or painting in a _ systematical _ way. If I have a chance I 'd love to learn it.


systematical: 形容词; 系统性

Eg: New employees should receive systematical training before they get started.

_ Is it important to hang pictures at home? _


I think it 's quite personal. It _ depends on _ individuals to decide whether to hang pictures or not and what pictures to hang. Pictures can serve as a good decoration, and famous pictures and paintings are precious collections.


depend on: 动词; 取决于

Eg: It all depends on how you define this problem.

_ What kind of paintings do you like? _


To be specific, I like the paintings of Monet. Although I don 't know much about paintings, Monet 's works can always _ calm me down _ I can feel the sense of beauty and tranquility from his paintings.


calm sb. down: 短语; 冷静

Eg: She managed to calm him down with a lullaby.

_ If someone wants to draw a picture of you, would you agree? _


Yes, why not? It 's fun to see how I look like on _ canvas _ And I would look very differently in different painting styles, so that 'd be interesting.


canvas: 名词; 画布

Eg: This is an oil painting on canvas.

Part 2 & 3

Part 2

_ Describe something important that you lost in the past. _

You should say:

When this happened

Where you lost it

What it was

What you did after it was lost

And explain why it was important.




I remember about two years ago when I was in my first year of work, I lost my mobile phone on the way home, which was a very depressing experience because it was _ the latest version _ of iPhone given by my parents as my graduation present. It was actually in my hands for no more than three months.

I usually place the mobile phone in the bag but that day was an _ exception _。 After replying to the text messages from a friend, I temporarily put the phone in the pocket for the convenience, and then went to the bus station to take a bus. During the time waiting for a bus, I suddenly found the phone was missing! My heart skipped several beats and there was a sense of despair washing over me. I didn 't remember when and how it was stolen. I realised the chances of getting my phone back was _ slim _,so I didn 't go to the police; instead I hurried home and use another device to wipe all the crucial data from my phone.

I greatly regretted not being alert to the thief who stole my mobile phone. Although I could buy a new one afterwards, it had different meaning from the one I had lost. For me, what I lost in that _ incident _ was not just an iPhone, but a memorable gift which represents affection from my parents.


① the latest version: 短语: 最新版本

Eg: You need to choose your device to update to the latest version of iTunes.

(2) exception: 名词: 例外

Eg: Everyone should keep discipline and you are no exception.

(3) slim: 形容词 :( 机会或可能) 小

Eg: There 's still a slim chance that he may come.

4 incident: 名词: 事件

Eg: The incident increased the contradictions between the two countries.

主题 Part 3

_ 1 What kinds of people may lose things often? _


I think people who are not organised and _ absent-minded _ are more likely to lose things. For example, I am such a person and sometimes I tend to put some stuff _ in disorder _ and then can 't find them or even lose them forever. However, one of my close friend is the opposite and she rarely loses anything. Unlike me, she has a habit of placing items back where they belong and often checking if everything is in the right place.


① absent-minded: 形容词: 心不在焉

Eg: She starts to eat, in an absent-minded way, and continues with her tale.

(二) in disorder: 短语: 混乱凌乱

Eg: Some of the things mentioned-above are eaten up or left in disorder.

_ 2 What can we do to prevent losing important things? _


There are several methods to help us stop losing important things. Since _ clutter _ is one of the main reasons people lose things, establishing exact spots for some important stuff and keeping on following the system could be a crucial step to make it much easier to locate things. Also, when going out, people _ consolidating _ important things into one bag may keep their stuff more safely as they only have one thing to keep track of, instead of several.


1 clutter: 名词; 凌乱

Eg: Excessive clutter is often a symptom and a cause of stress and can affect every facet of your life.

2 consolidate: 动词; 合并

Eg: The two firms consolidated to form a single company.

_ 3 What kinds of things have you lost so far? _


Well I have to say it is easy for me to forget or lose some stuff. I can 't _ recall _ exactly what things I 've lost by far, but from what I can remember, I _ used to _ lose something small that I could carry around with me, such as keys, gloves, or some other accessories. The priciest item I 've lost was an iPhone 6.


1 recall: 动词; 回忆

Eg: Perhaps you can recall what was said but not in what language it was said.

(2) used to: 短语; 已使用

Eg: We cannot believe him because he used to draw the long bow.

_ 4 What do you usually do to look for lost things? _


I usually try hard to control any _ panicky _ thoughts and stay calm to recall all the possible places for the missing item. If this doesn 't work, I will close my eyes, and _ think back _ so as to make sure whether it has been stolen or just been misplaced. For the latter case, I will get positive and believe that it 's around here and I will find it sooner or later.


① panicky: 形容词: 恐惧; 恐惧

Eg: She suddenly felt panicky like a mouse cornered by a hungry cat.

(2) think back: 短语: 回忆

Eg: He thought back to the time in 1995 when his son was desperately ill

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亚太地区 雅思答案:

2018年的最后一次考试结束了。希望大家在这一年的时间里已经考上了自己理想的成绩,最爱的学校的 offer. 也希望 2019 对薛老师和大家更好,顺利实现自己的愿望。麦考瑞 薛老师根据大家的在线回忆整理了本次考试的答案,供大家参考。



Section 1 课程安排

问题: 填空题


1 7.50 per person book online 网上预定的价格

2 The middle seat of the theater 剧院中间的座位

3 //location.href: the mountains 山区位置

4 Take your own water and wear a helmet 自带水和头盔

5 Activities: friend party 活动: 朋友聚会

6ocation: swimming pool 游泳池

7Don t forget to take a jacket 别忘了带夹克

8 hould not wear glasses 不能带眼镜

9 The library 库

10 A cake 蛋糕

Section 2 多伦多研讨会介绍

11 This year the added new workshop is to offer ervice like:

A home visit 探亲

12 First workshop:

B finding job 找工作

13 Which interpreter is not available:

意大利语 C Italian

14 Seminar in September:

C engineering 工程

15 What is the information display:

A near the lecture room 教室附近

16 Room 202 -D give advice about education 就教育问题提出建议

17 Room 204 -E people working in the same career 有相同工作的人

18 休闲活动 Room 205 -G something about leisure activity

19 Room 206 -F getting to know the public transportation 了解公共交通

20 Room 207 -B help to fill in the form 帮助填写表格

杏彩主页 A

Section 1 驾照

1 Address: 67 King 's road 地址

2 //location.href: city center, north above the city

3 Teacher 's name: Allen Sutcliffe 名称

4 The popular type of car on roads: automatic 自动车

5 Had better: practice during the night 最好在晚上练习

6 Safety driving depends on: good weather 安全驾驶取决于好天气

7 Obtain certification: to get a driving license 领取驾照

8 Final test fee: 50 价格

9 Duration of test: approximately 30 minutes 考试持续时间

10 More advice: must keep a driving diary 必须维护行车日志

Section 2 汽车博物馆

11 Before he brought this house, it was a farm 农场前

12 A Chinese wallpaper was painted in the 18th century 中国壁纸是 18 世纪画的。

13 Once an old man who died in the bird 's room 老人死在鸟屋里

14 The dining room has many antiques: he brought the chairs 餐馆里有很多股东,他带来的椅子

15 There are rare trees 有珍稀树木

16 Recent introduce in a geese/flamingos 最近有一只天鹅


18 History exhibition: C gallery barn

19 Books: E gift shop

20 Natural trails: F woodland area

杏彩主页 B

Section 1 失物招领

1 Name: Smithers 姓名拼写

2 Date: 14 th July 日期

3 巴士 Coach E

4 //location.href: by the door 门旁位置

5 Features: Pockets 有口袋

6 Items: a leather jacket 皮夹克

7 A notebook 笔记本

8 70 价格

9 Address: Kierke 地址

10 邮政编码 Postcode: GW43 3HA


11 How many people the ferry can contain:

C 2000 渡轮可容纳 2000 人

12 What does the guide advise people to bring along:

B reading materials 阅读材料

13 This hotel is better than others for:

洗衣设施 A good washing facilities

14 What is not allowed in the hotel:

B enter or leave the hotel after a certain time 特定时间后进出酒店

15 The matters need attention and things need to be brought: spare socks 额外的袜子

16 Sun cream: Strength-block

17 A plastic folder map

18 A altitude

19 F vegetation

20 G wildlife


第一条: 渔业

第二章: 现代管理的支付

第三部分: 对实验的恐惧


小作文: 饼图


Some people think governments should spend money on faster means of public transport. However, others think money should be spent on other priorities (eg cost, environment). Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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