Many children these days have their own mobile phones. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Give your own opinion. (Cyprus)

Today more and more young children have their own mobile phones. Some critics say that this is a negative development. Do you agree or disagree? What is your opinion. (Germany)
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.




Jeenn Lee Hsieh

There are alarms that mobile-phone use is 'killing' children, although ‘very slowly’. The question is that, if cell phones are not safe to use, then why adults should be allowed to use them and why kids should be otherwise? Now that an increasing number of medical experts are pointing their fingers at the effects of radiation, parents have to weigh the obvious benefits against the potential health risks regarding their kids carrying handsets.

Many parents think that children should be allowed to use mobile phones as well, if only when absolutely necessary. So, dismissed are claims that mobile phones are entirely harmful. To begin with, harmful or not, it is not difficult to recognize several advantages. On the one hand, working or travelling parents could find it easier to keep in touch with their children. On the other hand, children could communicate with their families, especially in emergencies. Besides, a smart phone has actually become a popular toy featuring a variety of fun ranging from MP3 to camera to the Internet. In addition, these days a mobile phone is not expensive to buy while calling plans have become more affordable.

Nevertheless, warnings about the effects of radiation are getting ever louder. Critics begin to argue that possible unknown health risks related to the phone consumption could appear in much later life among children. According to recent reports, such radiation is likely to cause DNA damage because young children are supposed to be less defensive. For that matter, it is probable that radiation could penetrate children's thinner and softer skulls with more facility. Specifically, constant exposure could affect mental function and increase chances of brain cancer and ear tumor. In short, believe it or not, young children now being addicted to this modern communication device might fall victims to dangerous diseases in 30 years or less.
Eventually, the debate seems to focus on the importance of parental control regarding to what extent young children should be allowed to use mobile phones for their own benefits and at their own risks. At this point, everybody might know that mobile phones could be 'killing slowly' and causing death in the long run, and so what? It seems, however, that nobody is in such a hurry to that fate. (Essay created by Jeenn Lee Hsieh)


你和雅思的故事 - Go Hard or Go Home

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Mobile phone and the Internet are very useful for old people, however, this section of population is the fewer users of mobile phone and the Internet, in what ways can mobile and the Internet is useful to the old? How can old people be encouraged to use this new technology? (2008年6月28日)手机上和互联网针对老年人有效,可是,老大家非常少应用,手机上和互联网针对老年人用途在哪?怎样激励老年人应用手机上和互联网?

Mobile phone advantages and disadvantages on individual and the society. 手机上针对本人及其社会发展的优缺点?(2010年9月4日)

Some people think people have benefited from modern communication technology, while others think some people have not benefit at all, to what extent do you agree or disagree ? 许多人觉得大家能够从当代沟通交流技术性中获利,有觉得觉得大家没法获利,你一直在多多方面上认可这一见解(2010年11月20日)

With the increase in the use of mobile phones and computers, fewer people are writing letters. Some people think that the traditional skill of writing letters will disappear completely. To what extent do you agree or disagree? How important do you think is letter-writing? 大家应用电脑手机日渐增加,非常少许多人写信给,许多人觉得传统式的书信作文会被手机上替代,是不是认可?(2012年11月24日)



1. 便捷沟通交流:手机上给大家的沟通交流相处产生极大便捷,比如,莘莘学子国外留学和亲人联络.老年人外出觉得不适感,打应急求助电话,女孩沒有追上最后一班车,给爸爸妈妈通电话寻求帮助,恋人中间发送信息,促进感情.

2. 輔助文化教育:手机上能够饰演教育工作者的人物角色,比如查手机字典,阅读电子书,预览在线课程;

3. 游戏娱乐作用:手机上强劲的游戏娱乐作用给衣食住行产生快乐,比如手机摄像头把握住衣食住行的漂亮一瞬间,留有美好记忆.听音乐释放压力,提升学习培训工作效能.手机游戏释放压力心身,打发时间.


1. 手机辐射危害身心健康,特别是在是危害沒有彻底生长发育的人的大脑.

2. 年青人将会迷恋游戏,耽搁学习培训,虚度光阴.

3. 年青人假如追求完美天价的时尚手机,就会提升了财政负担.

4. 新式的手机上违法犯罪日趋严重,具体来说,犯罪分子推送手机上鱼饵短消息,盗取登陆密码,侵害隐私保护,不法牟取暴利.

5. 公共场合外向手机音乐影片,危害别人.


1. the cell phone = the mobile phone n手机上

2. the contrivance of the mobile phone = the invention of the mobile phone n手机上的创造发明

3. bring huge convenience to people’s communication v 给大家的沟通交流产生巨大的便捷


4. …… is a significant source of getting the latest information for the vast majority of people …… 是大部分人得到最新消息的方式.

评价: 强烈推荐记诵:能够创作全部文化传媒的利好消息.

5. The mobile phone newspaper enables its users to familiarize themselves with the up-to-the-minute current events 手机报能够杏彩一起掌握时事新闻.

评价:familiarize themselves with = get to know v掌握……

评价:the up-to-the-minute = the latest adj 最新消息的


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手机上的优点和缺点 positives and negatives of mobile phones


杏彩计划 positives of mobile phones

The mobile phone is the most popular gadget in today’s world


Mobile phones have revolutionized the way we communicate


We can stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues wherever we are


Users can send text messages, surf the Internet, take photos and listen to music


Mobiles have also become fashion accessories


杏彩官网网址 negatives of mobile phones

Mobiles phones can be a problem in some public places


Ringing phones cause a disturbance in cinemas and school lessons


Some people are not aware that others can hear their conversations


Mobile phones may also interfere with electronic equipment


Their waves could cause damage to our brains


Mobile phones can also be a dangerous distraction


Using a phone while driving reduces the driver’s concentration


Mobile phones are a popular target for thieves



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