Part 1新题





Do you eat out a lot?

To be honest, I don’t like eating outside as I’m afraid about the ingredient that  restaurants use in dishes. However, when it comes to some reunions with my friends, I’ll go out for a meal.


Do you eat healthy food?

Yes! Although I’m a hearty eater, I always choose healthy dishes as my priority, like vegetables, fruits or fish. You know, a healthy diet protects me against many chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.


How often do you eat with your family?

Well, very often. I usually prefer homemade foods and my parents are good cookers, so there is no reason for me to eat outside.


Do you prefer eating at home or at a restaurant?

I usually prefer homemade foods and my parents are good cookers. By contrast, a modest meal in a quality restaurant is also very expensive, so for me, eating home-made meals is a must.



When was the last time you went to a forest?

Well, it was last month I travelled to Kyoto, there was a valley covered by forest. But it was a pity that the color was totally green because only in spring or autumn, tourists could enjoy a colorful forest.





Do you like to go to a forest if you are free?





Why not? Being in nature like a forest is not only an experience of viewing scenes, it also could reduce my anger or stress. If I live nearby a forest, Id say Ill visit it every week.


Amusement Park

Do you like amusement parks?

I absolutely love amusement parks. I love the sensation and thrill of roller coasters and high-speed rides. I also love the colorful carnival atmosphere, music, food and things to do. It makes me feel like a kid all over again.


How often do you go to amusement parks?

Once a few years I guess. Although Im living in Shanghai where has some amusement parks like Disneyland, I seldom visit there because its expensive, you know, the cost for food, games or admission tickets is not a small amount.


What do you usually do at amusement parks?

As I mentioned before, roller coasters and high-speed rides are on my must-try list. No matter how long the line was, I could wait patiently for my turn.



Do you like sunshine?

Yes, I love sunshine very much especially those mornings when I open the curtains and let the warm rays of sunshine in, that makes me energetic and it’s a good start for the whole day.


What do you usually do on sunny days?

Well, if there is a weekend, I’d like going out to do some outdoor activities on sunny days, like fishing or jogging. While if there is a weekday, I will have a walk and enjoy the sunshine during the break.


Do you often use sunscreen?

It depends. When I have a trip, which requires me walking on sunny days for a couple of hours, I will use sunscreen to protect my skin while if there is a short walk outside, I will not do that.



Who do you trust most?

Myself. It doesnt mean that I dont trust my family or someone significant in my life, I mean I have my best interests or true feelings at heart and thats why I could trust myself more than anyone else.


What kind of people do you trust?

Without any doubt, I trust people who tell truth to me even if it goes against me. Because honesty is the best quality for human being and it brings people safety in different kinds of relationship.


Have you ever lost trust in somebody

Yes, some of my so-called friends made me disappointed because they cheated in exams or told lies to me. Im not some kind of mean I just think only an honest person deserving my trust.


Do you trust artificial intelligence?

Yes. I guess someone may be concerned we will be enslaved or destroyed by AI but I think compared with AI, people who create and use AI for selfish purposes should be on guard.



Have you ever been to any island?

Well I automatically had a response pop into my head, that is Hainan, which is the second largest island in my country and I spent a month there last year. The island is the best place to have a holiday, sunshine, beach, food or music, it has all.  


Are there any island in your country?

My county has many islands such as Xisha islands, Hainan, Taiwan. You know even nearby Shanghai there is an island called Chongming.


Do you want to live on an island if you have a chance?

Yes, Id like settle down in an island in south of my country as long as I could bring my cat and books. In my imagination, living on an island likes living in paradise because you could escape from the hustle and rustle in cities.


What do you like to do when you are on an island?

Id say lying on the lounge and drinking my favorite tea on the beach. Besides, Ill try diving if I have enough skills and equipment.



Do you often wear makeup?

Well, it totally depends on my needs and preferences especially some significant occasions like interviews. Normally I will not do that as I want my skin to breathe and stay healthy.


What does wearing makeup mean to you?

It makes me look best and feel confident, for example, when the concealer covers reddish spots or fleck on my face. Meanwhile, it means something troublesome because I have to prepare kinds of cosmetics and spend time on it.


Did you give makeup as a gift?

Once or twice, I sent a lipstick to my sister and liquid foundation to my mom when I travelled from Japan and they were surprised about the presents.


What do you think when you see a man wearing makeup?

I personally think its ok for a man as it says that the guy is comfortable with them self and confident. You know men are often placed in a box and be viewed weird when they wear makeup, however, I dont think there is only one rule for men, they could do anything which makes them beautiful.



What kinds of things make you tired?

Well, acting like a serious, responsible adult is draining my energy because there is all work and no play and the only thing you consider about is to catch up with your routines. Moreover, the lack of sleep also makes me exhausted.


What do you do when you feel tired?

I always try some methods to get rid of fatigue, such as doing exercise, or flipping through some books or having a deep sleep. I mean, when I feel tired Ill stop my work and do something easy to remove my concentration.


Who do you usually talk to when you feel mentally tired?

Talking with others may not be a good solution for me when Im under pressure and feel tried. Im inclined to find my inner peace by talking with myself and having a rest.


Do you like to talk to strangers when you feel mentally tired?

Yes, I did have the experience when I was on my trip and a guy who sat opposite me tried talk with me, I was nervous and worried about his purpose, and finishing the topic made me stressful and mentally tired.


Part 1 高频旧题

Social Media

Do you use social media websites?

Do you like to use Facebook?

Do you prefer an information app or a chat app?

How did you first find out about social media websites?

Is social media very popular in your country?

Do you think social media will become more popular in the future?

Do you feel social media is more a positive thing, or more negative thing?



Do you like perfume?

Do you wear perfume?

How much money do you spend on perfume?

Have you ever given perfume as a gift?

Would you ever give perfume as a gift?



Do you like to lend things to others?

Would you lend money to someone else?

Have you ever borrowed money from someone else?

Have you ever lent a book to others?

How do you feel about others borrowing things from you?


Supermarket/ Street Market

Do you like visiting street markets?

Do you often go to supermarket?

Are street markets very common in your country?

Would you be interested if you saw a street market in a foreign country?

Do people in your country prefer to shop at a street market, or in a shopping mall?

Are there many shopping malls in your living area?


Visiting Relatives & Friends

Do you often visit your relatives?  (Why?)

What do you do when you visit them?

When was the last time you visited them? what did you do?

Do you (ever or often) go to your friends’ homes to visit them?


Families Activities

Do you often stay together with your family?

Do you prefer to stay with your family or friends?



Do you often smile?

When was the last time you laughed?

In what situations do people smile?

Do you smile when you are having your picture taken?   

Can you sense if someone’s smile is fake?


Time management/ Plan

Do you make plans every day?

Would you say you manage your time well?

What’s the biggest difficulty you have when managing time?

What’s the latest plan you made?



What do you do when you see rubbish on the street?

Do you think it’s important to protect the environment?

How do you feel when you see someone throw litter on the ground?

Do you think plastic bags are a serious environmental problem?

Do you do anything to protect the environment?


Places to Play

Where did you play when you were a child?

Did you play at your friend’s home?

Did you prefer to play outside or inside when you were young?

Do you think it’s important for children to play outside?



What’s the weather like in your city?

Do you have a favourite type of weather?

Would you move to another city because of the weather?



Do you travel often?

What’s the most beautiful place you’ve been to?

Where would you like to travel for a vacation? (Why?)

Who do you often spend holiday with?

Do you prefer traveling alone or in a group?

How much traveling have you done?

What kind of places have you visited in your life?

When you visit new places, what do you like to do?

In which seasons do you prefer to travel?

What is the best season to travel in your country?



What kind of transport do you most often use?

How do you usually go to school / work?

How long does it take to travel to school / work?

How did you go to school when you were a child?

Do you prefer to use public, or private transportation?

Do you think you’ll use public transport more in the future?



What cities have you ever travelled to?

Which city do you like to travel to?

Would you ever move to another city for work?

In what ways do you think a city can be designed to best suit the needs of pedestrians?   

Who would you say uses public transport more, young people or old people?  



Do you like math?

Do you often use a calculator?

When did you start to use a calculator?

 (Similar to above) How often do you use a calculator?

Do you think math is important?

Do you think females (girls) are good at math?

Some people think that math isn’t needed in our life. What do you think?


Going out

Who do you usually want to go out with?

How often do you go out with your friends?

Where do you like to go to when you are out with your friends? 

Do you like to go out with a big group or just with some friends? 



Do you like reading?   

What kinds of books do you like to read?

Do you like E-books?

Do you ever read professional books?   

Have you ever lent or borrowed a book?



Where are you living at the moment?

Who do you live with?

How long have you been living there?

Are you planning to move to another area to live?

What do you like about the area around where you live?

Do you know many people living nearby?

What changes have you seen in this area since you have been living there?

What changes would you like to see in this area?




What’s your major?

Do you like it?

Will you change it if you have a chance ?

Which major will you change it to?

Is it different from what you had in mind?

Why did you choose that major?==> Sample Answer 



Do you work or are you a student?

What do you do?

What did you do on the first day of your job?

What specific things do you do on your job?

What do you like most about your job?

Why did you choose that job?

Would you recommend that job to others?

Do you think this job has a bright future?

What are the most interesting and the difficult part of your job?




Describe an experience that you visited a friend

You should say:

Who you visited

Who you did

Why you visited him or her


Describe a time you spent a lot of money on something.

You should say:

What you bought

When you bought it

Where you bought it

And explain why you spent a lot of money to buy it


Describe a situation when you celebrated your achievement. 

You should say:

What you did

When you celebrated it

Who you celebrated it with

And how you felt about it


Describe a film you would like to share with your friend.

You should say:

What it is

Where you watched it 

Who you watched it with 

And why you want to share it with your friend 

Part 3

Which kinds of films are popular in your country?


Describe a place where you read and write (not your home).

You should say:

Where it is

How often you go there

Who you go there with

And explain how you feel about it


Describe a place you remember well that is full of colors.

You should say:

What it is

Where it is

How it looks like 

And explain why you remember it well


Describe a toy you got in your childhood

You should say:

What it was

When you got it

How you got it

And how you felt about it 


Describe a piece of software you use often

You should say:

What it is

What it is for

How useful it is

And explain why you use it often 


Describe a journey that you went on by car

You should say:

When it was

Where you went

Who you were with

And you felt about the journey

Part 3

Is driving skill important?

Do you think cars are a daily necessity?

What will cars look like in the future?

What are the advantages of owning a car?

What are the disadvantages of owning a car?


Describe a female leader you would like to meet

You should say:

Who she is

What she does

What she is like 

And explain why you would like to meet her 

Part 3:

What is gender inequality in the workplace?

What are the causes of gender inequality in the workplace?

Do women have more responsibility for taking care of children?


Describe a good experience of online shopping.

You should say:

When it happened

What you bought

Why you bought it

And explain why you think it was a good experience

Part 3:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping?

Do you think it is safe to shop online?

Do you think the government should impose more control on online shopping?


Describe a city you went to with your family

You should say:

When it happened 

Where you went to 

How it was

And explain why you liked it 


Describe a time you taught an older person something new

You should say:

Who you taught

What you taught

Why you taught this person

And explain how you felt about it 

Part 3

Is it easy for old people use new technology?

Why do some old people refuse to use new technology?


Describe an important technological product you bought

You should say:

What it was

How you used it 

Why you bought it

And explain why you think it is important 


Describe a product or application which is based on artificial intelligence

You should say:

What it is

What it is used for

How it is used

And explain what you think of it 

Part 3

Can Artificial Intelligence be conscious? 

How does AI help us in everyday life?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of AI?

Describe an advice you received on your subjects or work

You should say:


What it was

Who you received it from 

What you did after receiving it 

And how you felt about it 

Part 3

Why do young people feel it hard to make career choices?




Describe a time you enjoyed your free time.
You should say: 

when it was;

what you did;

how long the free time lasted;

and explain how you felt about it.


Describe a situation that others didn’t tell you the whole truth. You should say:

what the situation was;

who was involved;

why they didn’t tell you the whole truth;

and explain how you felt when you found out you were not told the whole truth.


Describe a situation when you didn’t have enough time

You should say:

when it was

where you were

what you tried to do or finish

and explain why you didn’t have enough time for it


Do people nowadays have more pressure time than before?
What is the main reason people cannot have enough time to do?
Do people can control their time wisely when they are older?
How can people balance their time for working and their private life?
Is it important for people to relax during a day?
Modern technologies make people use time up or reduce time?


Describe someone you would like to study or work with

You should say:

who this person is

how long you have known this person

what you have done together

and why you would like to study or work with this person


How do people in your country make friends these days?
What qualities do you think are important in a friend?
Why is it hard to maintain friendships for some people?
What factors may result in the breakdown of a good friendship?
Do you think it is a good idea to borrow money from a friend? Why or why not?
Friendship is the most important relationship. Do you agree? Why? Why not?


Describe a time you went out with your friends and had a good time

You should say:

Where you went

When you went out  

What you did

And explain why you had a good time 


What is the difference between staying with friends and staying with family?

Do science and technology improve the relationship between people?


Describe a singer that you like. You should say:
Who he/she is 
Where and when you heard him/her sing for the first time
What types of song she/he sings
and explain why you like his/her music


Part 3

Why do some people seem to be better at singing than others?

Do you think there are benefits from being able to sing well?

Do you think people need to learn how to sing (or is it a natural skill)?

Do you think everyone (or anyone) can be trained to become a singer?

Do you think women are better singers than men?

What advice would you give someone if they wanted to learn to sing? 

What do you think is the most important quality that a singer needs to have?

Do you think having a good voice can help a person get a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Can you suggest why some old songs are still popular today?

Do you think everyone (or anyone) can learn to play a musical instrument?

Do you think it is a good idea to teach music to children in schools? 

How do you think the music industry will evolve (change, develop) in the future?


Describe a friend or a person who encouraged you to achieve a goal.

You should say:
What this person is
What this person encouraged you to do
What this person helped
And explain why this encouragement helped you to achieve the goal

Part 3

Is it important for teenagers to have goals?

What do you think would encourage young children to learn more?

How should we encourage children?

How could we make children interested in things that they don’t have interest?


Describe a time the vehicle you were travelling in broke down.

You should say:

where you were going;

who you were with;

how long it took to fix the vehicle;

and explain how you felt about it.


Part 3

What are the advantages of disadvantages of private transport?

What needs to be improved in public transport in your country?


Describe a time you taught something new to a younger person

You should say:

when it happened

who and what you taught

why you taught this person

and how you felt about the teaching


Describe a prize you would like to win/ Describe an award you would like to receive. 

You should say:

what prize (or award) it is (or, would be) 

how you know about (or learned about) this prize/award

what you would need to do to get it (or, how you would win it)

 and explain why you would like to win this prize (or, receive this award)

Part 3

Is it good to have competition? 

Do you think it’s good to award prizes in school and/university?

Do you think companies should give their employees prizes?


Describe a person you wanted to be similar to when you were growing up

You should say:

who this person was

when you first met the person

what the person did

and you would like to become this person


What are parents’ responsibilities for their children?
What’s the influence of parents on their children?
What would children do to make their parents proud?
What do you think are some of the most difficult problems faced by parents?


Describe a person who has interesting ideas or opinions.

You should say:

 who this person is

 how you know this person

 what interesting ideas/opinions he or she has

 and explain you think why his/her ideas are interesting.


Part 3

At what age do you think (young) people begin to have their own ideas? (Why?)

When do children start to have their own ideas?

Who do you think has more influence on children’s ideas, their parents or their teachers?

Can you suggest why children, as they grow older, have more and more disagreements with their parents about ideas?


Describe a water sport you would like to try in the future.

You should say:
what sport it is
When and where would you do it
What preparations and equipment you would need
and explain why you would like to try this sport


Part 3

Can you suggest why many people like to be in (or, go to) a places near water?

Why do think transport on water was developed?


Describe a famous person (still living), not from your country, who you would like to meet.

You should say:

where this person comes from

how you first learned about him or her 

why / how this person is famous

and explain why you would like to meet this person


Part 3

How do people become famous?

Do you think there are any drawbacks from being famous?


Describe a quiz program or game show on TV you like. You should say:
What it is
How you know it
What it is like
Why you like it


Part 3

Do people in your country like to watch TV?

Why do some people like to watch TV on their computer?

Are there any differences between the games children’s games and adults’ games?


Describe a piece of information that you think is not correct.

You should say:

what information

where you heard/read this information

when you heard/read it

and explain why you think it is incorrect.

Part 3

What kind of job need giving information?

How can someone tell if the information they receive is right or wrong?

Would you say people trust the information that is found online?


Describe a time you received a call from someone you don’t know.

You should say:

when it was

where you were when you received it

what the call was about

and explain how you felt (after) when you received this call.  

Part 3

Do you think it’s good to talk loudly on a bus?

In your opinion, would it be a good idea to have laws prohibiting speaking loudly in public?


Describe a time that you invited family or friends to have dinner at home or in a restaurant

You should say
who organized this meal
where you had it
what you talked about during the meal
what you ate and drank and explain why you had this meal with your friends.

Part 3

Do people in your country prefer to eat at home or in restaurants? 

What would you say are the benefits and drawbacks of eating in a restaurant?

What do people usually cook for special festivals?  

More and more people are having (or, getting) their meals delivered, so would people cook at home?


Describe a person who helps others in his spare time.

You should say: 

who he or she is;

what he or she always does to help others;

why he or she always helps others;

and explain how you feel about this person.

Part 3

Are you willing to help others?

Who should teach children help others?

Should people lend money to others?


Describe a healthy lifestyle you know

You should say:

what it is

how you know it

what one would do to live this healthy lifestyle

and explain why it is healthy


Do women pay more attention to their health than men?
Could governments do more to promote healthier lifestyle options?
Do you think most people worry more about their health as they get older?

What do old people in your country do to keep fit?
What else people can do to keep fit besides sports?
Do you think that the tobacco companies should be held reasonably responsible for a person’s addiction to nicotine?


Describe a time when you used the internet to solve a problem.

You should say:

what problem it was

when you did this

how long it took you

and explain why you used the internet to solve this problem.


Part 3

What influence does the internet have on people (individually), and the society?

Do you think libraries will disappear one day?

What do people use the internet for?

Would you say many people waste time “surfing the internet”? 

How do you think people will be using the internet in 10 years?


Describe a place you plan to travel to that is far away from your home.

You should say:

where it would be;

how you would like to go there;

what you would do there;

and explain why you would like to go there.


Do you think modern life give people enough time for leisure?
What’s the most important factor for a tourist attraction?
Do you think we should have more public holidays?
What do people need before travelling to another country?
Is there any difference between young tourists and adult tourists?
Do you think tourism will harm the earth?
Which method of travel do you consider safest?
In 20 or 30 years, how do you think traveling will be different to what it is today?



Describe something a child did that made you laugh.

You should say:

who the child was;

how old he or she was;

what he or she did;

and explain why it made you laugh.



What can make children laugh?

Which is the best age to have children?


Describe a time that you got up early in the morning

You should say
when it happened
why you got up early
who you were with
and explain how you felt about getting up early.

Part 3

What effect would sleeping late have on one’s life?

What do you think are the benefits of getting up early?

What kinds of jobs require people to get up early?

Do you think old people find it easier to get up early than young people?

What time do people usually get to bed (in your country)?

What do you think are the benefits of having a nap in the middle of the day?


Describe something special you brought back home from a holiday.

You should say: 

what it was;

when and where you bought it;

why you bought it;

and explain how you felt about it.

Part 3

What kinds of souvenirs do people usually buy from a tourist attraction?

Is it good that local people sell things to tourists?


Describe an impressive advertisement you remember well.

You should say: 

when and where you saw it;

what was advertised;

what the contents of the advertisements were;

and explain why you remember it well.

Part 3

Why do some people hate advertisements?

Do people buy stuffs after watching advertisements?

Is music useful in advertising?

What are the advantages of TV advertisements?


Describe a practical skill you learnt.

You should say:

what the skill was;

who you learnt it from;

how you learnt it;

and explain how useful it was.


Part 3

What is the most practical skill in this modern world?

What kinds of skills are difficult to learn?

What kinds of professions require practical skills?


Describe a person you know who speaks a foreign language well.

You should say:

who this person is

what language(s) they know

what he/she uses this language (or, these languages) for   

and explain why you think they (he/she) learned it well.


Part 3

Do you think if it’s possible to learn a language perfectly?

Is learning a new language important?

What benefits for one’s career does knowledge of foreign languages bring?

Who do you think learns a language faster, children or adults?

Do you think that English will become the most commonly used language in the world?

Do you think foreigners will be learning your language in the future?








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